How to get approved for a rental property with pets

For renters

Applying for a rental property with pets can be tricky.

My objective is to help you get your rental application approved even if you have pets.

There are so many factors an agent takes into consideration when reviewing your application but it all boils down to this.

They need to verify:

1. You will pay the rent

2. You will look after the property

and to slightly less degree you will not disturb neighbours (eg Noise).

I'm sure you can guess, having pets has nothing to do with paying rent but all to do with looking after the property (and the peace of neighbours).

If you're keen to get a more holistic view based on your situation click here to complete the quiz.

It's a free tool that lists out what you need to do to get approved for a rental property based on your own situation. If you have not done that already I recommend you stop reading this and click the link above before reading any further.

The Challenges

We love pets too but they can be a higher risk in terms of damage to the property and disturbance of neighbours. In reality, some pets are riskier than others and some properties are more suitable to pets than others.

Sometimes you are simply up against a wall. For example, if the landlord of the property you want to rent has had a past negative experience with tenants who have pets it makes it so much harder to get through. In this case, you'll want to make sure you read every word and take all required action.

Damage to property

Landlords will be worried about the pets causing damage to their property. This could be scratching hardwood floors, timber decking or maybe the front door when it's cold and wet and your little one wants to come inside.

If your application is up against another similar application but without pets who do you think the landlord will pick? That's why you need to plug up these concerns so you're not disadvantaged and ensure your application is rock solid in all other areas (especially when you're applying for a popular property).

Disturbance to neighbours

Dogs bark, cats roam and chickens can attract rats. You get the gist.

This can all disturb the peace and quiet of your neighbours.

Some landlords will care more and naturally some will care less if the problem does not directly affect them (eg they are not the ones kept awake at night if your dog is barking).

If the landlord has lived in the home previously it's likely they'll know the neighbours and have more empathy for them and consequently feel guilty if they approve a barking dog to live in the property.

You will not know the situation of the landlord so you should account for this when applying.


Experienced agents will know it's mostly about the pet owners rather than the pets themselves. If the pet owners are responsible and caring (eg of neighbours) usually they will make the changes required to ensure any issues are resolved proactively without the agent ever getting involved.

In general, this means you need to ensure you come across as responsible and empathetic. Just knowing his information should do the trick. If you try to sell too hard it will have the opposite effect because it will come across like an untrustworthy sleazy salesman. Agents usually screen 1-3 applications every single day so they will pick up on even the smallest of detail. Just by saying "would you like me to take my shoes off" just before stepping through the front door at an open for inspection will add an unconscious point in your favour under the 'will you look after the property' column in the agents mind.

Pet Profile

Here's an example from the South Australia Government website. A Pet Profile is a one (or two) page document about your pet/s.

The more the agent or landlord knows about your pet the more comfortable they will be. For example, if your pet is microchipped and registered with the local council it helps demonstrate you are a responsible pet owner. There's that 'responsible' word again.

Attach your Pet Profile to any application when you apply for a property.

Offer a higher rent

For example $10 per week but it should be relevant to the additional risk the landlord is taking on.


Great References - Agents and landlords love to use past experience to gauge the future. A positive agents reference that mentions your pet/s will go a long way! Learn more.

Video Introduction - This will help the agent see what type of (pet owners) people you are. Learn more.

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