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The only ongoing fee


Pay as you go

New Property Setup


One time only

This is a one time only fee charged when you first move a property into Cubbi. Includes full digitial transformation, smart lock and all premium marketing material. Learn more about New Property Setup.

Secure Renter Fee


Per new renter

The new renters fee is only charged upon securing new renters for your property. This fee is payable after the first rent payment. Learn more about Easy Leasing

Inspections by Cubbi


From $89.00

Per inspection

Inspection fees are only payable when they are conducted by a Cubbi inspector. You have the option to do them yourself at no cost. Learn more about Meticulous Inspections

New renter Inspections
89 per inspection
Routine Inspections
109 per inspection
Entry Inspection
199 per inspection
Exit Inspection
199 per inspection

Maintenance by Cubbi


5% + $15.00

Per invoice

Maintenance fees are only payable when Cubbi manages a particular repair issue. No maintenance fee is payable if you manage the maintenance. Learn more about Mindful Maintenance

How is it calculated: We take 5% of the invoice amount + $15 per invoice. For example if the tradesperson’s invoice was $150 the Cubbi maintenance fee would be $22.50 ($7.5 + $15).

Listing fee (advertising)



Per new renter

Get your property in front of the largest renter audience in Australia. Including,, and Make changes within your Cubbi dashboard and see then update on all the websites within 30 minutes. All enquiries are automatically forwarded to you. Learn more about Advertising.

Want more exposure?
Premiere listing on $499 (after 30 days the listing drops back to a standard listing.
For Lease Sign: $179 Learn more

Professional Screening



Per new renter

We complete full comprehensive tenant screening including a recommendation from a highly experienced agent. Proven to help you pick a good tenant by 2.2x and avoid a bad tenant by 9x. Backed by CubbiCover.

Pricing options:
Special Offer: $160 for 3 applications for the price of 2
Pay as you need: $80 per application

Learn more about Professional Screening

NTD Tenant Checks are also available to purchase individually at $29 per check however they are included in the professional screening fee above and only carry roughly 10% weighting towards our screening recommendation. These NTD tenant checks are expensive for what they are and are fast becoming outdated as the red tape to list a bad tenant is restricting most agents from listing even the worst tenants on them.

Virtual Routine Inspection



Per inspection

Instead of physically inspecting the property yourself, let us take care of it virtually for you. We’ll complete the inspection via a live recorded video call with your tenants. You will be able to view the inspection report and video anytime from your dashboard. Learn more about Virtual Routine Inspections

Save 50%* on agent fees and still get:

*based on the average property management fees charged by traditional real estate agencies in Melbourne, which include a 6.6% ongoing management fee, a 2-week letting fee, and other associated administrative fees.

Listing on major sites

Professional Tenant Screening

Easily secure new renters

All Legals sorted

Automated Payments & Reporting

Virtual Rent Estimates

Expert when you need one

Your questions, answered.

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How are the fees deducted?

The ongoing service fee is deducted from the rent, just like how an agent works. However, with Cubbi, this process is instantaneous. When your tenant pays the rent, it is automatically receipted in Cubbi, the service fee is deducted, and the remaining balance is automatically transferred to your bank account, all in real time. It's amazing and incredibly convenient. Additionally, all other fees, such as those incurred when advertising your property for rent, are paid via Credit Card at the time of placing the order.

Are there any additional fees?

Yes, there are a few miscellaneous fees however they are very rare and normally fully recoverable from the renter.
Miscellaneous fees:
- Change of tenant fee: $250. This fee is optional and recoverable from your renter if they want to change the renters listed on a current lease agreement. This includes the screening of the new proposed incoming renter/s and the legal agreement to add and remove renters on an existing lease agreement.
- Customised Rent Payment Plan: $299. We do not recommend offering payment plans to renters if they fall behind, instead, based on best results we recommend fast eviction (within state legislation and our Zero Late Rent policy). This fee includes the preparation of the payment plan and facilitates the additional rent payments.

Are the fees tax deductable?

Yes just like any traditional property management company. If you want to learn more based on your specific scenario we suggest talking to a good accountant.

Do you provide discounts?

We don’t provide discounts outside of what you can see on this page but you’ll notice the higher the weekly rent amount the lower the percentage fee. If you have more than 20 properties you may be eligible for our enterprise model. Contact us

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, and you don’t even need to speak to someone. No notice required, no exit fees, meetings or hard feelings. Just a click of a button.

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