Proven track record

Applications screened since 2020.
Pay-on-time record from certified renters
Certified renters have gone to tribunal
Of owners repurchase next time they need tenants.

Worlds Apart:
The Good Tenant vs. The Bad Tenant

The challenge lies in the subtleties; spotting the warning signs of a bad renter isn't always easy without years of firsthand experience.

Certified Renters

Good Tenants

Approximately 25% of all renters.

Alway pay rent on time.

Looks after the property like they own it.

Requires very little management.


Average Tenants

Approximately 60% of all renters.

Risk of paying late.

Heavy wear and tear, and extra maintenance costs.

Extra time to manage tenancy issues.

Bad Tenants

Approximately 15% of all renters.

High risk of paying late or never.

No care for your property at all.
Reno required at the end.

Requires you to be a lawyer, negotiator and full-time manager that doesn’t get paid.

Our Professional Tenant Screening is proven to reduce the chance of a bad tenant by 9x

The most comprehensive
screening process.

Our proven 5 step screening process has been built on over 15 years real experience in the trenches (plus a few very costly mistakes) so you can be confident we will recommend a good tenant.


Comprehensive reference checks on every applicant.

Global ID verification

We use Live Photo Capture and ID document matching to confidently verify the ID of each applicant.

Income verification

We verify all reported income against multiple sources.

Rent Affordability

We compare verified household income against proven industry benchmarks.

Budget Strain

Insights into how the rent will effect their budget.

Match assessment

We examine the applicants suitability with your home and preferred lease terms.

Red flags

Red flag indicators to highlight any warnings or major concerns you need to know.

Agent comments

Valuable written insights from an experienced property manager to help you better understand your potential applicants.

Exclusive insights you
can not get on your own.

It's common practice to run National Tenancy Database checks, but renters might present someone else's ID. To prevent impostors, we've partnered with Stripe ID for Live Photo Capture and ID matching, ensuring we avoid any wolves in sheep's clothing.

National Tenancy Database

Australia’s most comprehensive tenant background report. Discover if your applicant is blacklisted or noted in government records.

Property Searches

We search additional databases to help verify each applicants living history and references so you can rely on our final recommendation.

Safety Score

Renter profiling uncovers crucial personality traits (as they relate to renting) about each applicant, giving us a true picture of each individual.

Final recommendation from an experienced & licensed agent.

It all boils down to this: before certifying an application, a licensed and experienced property manager interprets the entire application in relation to your property and preferred lease terms. This interpretation provides you with deep insights into the risks and how to mitigate them.

Fast 1-2 business day turnaround.

Our screening process is completed at lightning speed through the use of automation, time-based manual processes, and a proven system. This is necessary because good tenants do not stay around for long. You will receive our professional recommendation within 1-2 business days pending references.

View entire application
& insights in real time.

Check the screening progress in real-time on your dashboard as it happens. Dive into all the information, including all reports, results from references and all the information provided by the applicants. You make the final call, so you get to see everything.

Every Certified Renter
is backed by CubbiCover

Good Tenant Guarantee

If for whatever reason, you’re not happy with your tenant, we’ll screen the next one free.
See FAQs for more details.

Eviction Guarantee

Receive up to $1000 Cubbi Credit if you evict a Certified Renter for any breach of lease.
See FAQs for more details.

Pricing options

Pay as you need

All you need when if you just have one application.


Per Application

Full comprehensive tenant screening, including 1 free NTD check.

Start screening

Special Offer

Only available when publishing your property.


3 applications for the price of 2

Full comprehensive tenant screening, including 1 free NTD check per application.

Gauranteed Ceriftied Renter or we keep screening until we certify an application.

Start screening

How it works


Receive application

Prospective tenants complete an application on Cubbi.


Shortlist application

You shortlist the application you want professionally screened.


Screening complete

Within 24 hours, pending references, the screening will be complete and ready for you to make a decision.

Happy landlords

“Michael is so detailed and really gives great recommendations"

Mark, VIC

“Michael is so detailed and really gives great recommendations"

Mark, VIC

“Michael is so detailed and really gives great recommendations"

Mark, VIC

“Michael is so detailed and really gives great recommendations"

Mark, VIC

“Michael is so detailed and really gives great recommendations"

Mark, VIC

“Michael is so detailed and really gives great recommendations"

Mark, VIC

Frequently asked questions

Why is Professional Screening important for rental properties?

Finding a good tenant is the most important part of managing a rental property, and professional screening can help ensure that you make the best decision. Nothing saves you more money, time and stress than choosing the right tenant.

What is your success rate?

Since we began professional screening in 2020, we haven't had any Certified Renters go to Tribunal. That's a 100% success rate of avoiding bad tenants. In addition, based on own proprietary data of applications screening vs not screened and industry data, we can see that those who take up Professional Tenant Screening are 2.2 times more likely to pick good tenants and 9 times less likely to pick bad tenants.

Can I get screening without advertising the property?

Yes, you can obtain professional tenant screening on its own without advertising on any major website like and Domain. However, you will still need to list your property on Cubbi (free) so that potential renters can apply for it. When you reach the payment screen, uncheck the paid advertising option to "List on Cubbi free". Click here to get started.

Can I get screening without using the management platform?

Yes, you can receive professional tenant screening without using the ongoing management platform, the only difference is the amount of CubbiCover you will receive. You will still receive the Good Tenant Guarantee (for a limited time period) but you will not be eligible for the Eviction Guarantee. What we recommend is trying it out for 2 or 3 months because it's very easy to stop using Cubbi, the only thing you need to do is tell your tenant to where they now need to pay rent. One of the great immediate benefits is being able to secure your tenant within 5 minutes because it's a super smooth process to quickly create and sign the lease from the application (and for the tenant to make the first rent payment through Cubbi). Learn more about the online management platform.

Can I advertise on and Domain with Cubbi?

Yes, for $199, your property can be listed on all major Australian real estate websites. You can also manage your listing from your Cubbi dashboard. Click here to get started.

What if I already have a tenant lined up that needs screening?

No problem. First, publish the property for free on Cubbi. Then, give the prospective tenant a link to apply for the property. Once they apply, you can purchase the screening service for $80 to screen their application. Click here to get started.

What is your screening process?

Our screening process is very thorough. We use a combination of technology, people, and experienced property managers to provide you with our recommendations at never-before-seen speeds in real estate. To learn more about our 5-step process, watch the video above or read more here.

How do you call references?

Yes but not every reference. We use a combination of digital and phone references in our screening process. Although we prioritise a comprehensive digital assessment, we find that roughly 40% of the time, we need to connect with the reference over the phone. This may be to clarify information, take the entire reference, or follow up on a digital reference request. Learn more.

Do you perform NTD checks on every applicant?

We perform one National Tenancy Database (NTD) check through Equifax for every application. However, the NTD report only carries a ~10% weighting towards the final recommendation in most cases. Since each report is fairly expensive, we conduct only one NTD check per application to keep our screening comprehensive yet affordable. That being said we do provide bonus of unlimited NTD checks (one for each applicant) if the application is shortlisted within 12 hours of the prospective tenant submitting their application. If you miss out on this bonus we allow you purchase additional NTD checks at a discounted price of $9 each (normally $29), this is helpful if you have a group of adults applying for your property together. Otherwise, it's typically not necessary to purchase additional checks.

Can I speak to the person who screened my application?

Yes, you can message us or schedule a call here (you’ll see the options on your dashboard) to speak directly with the person who screened your application. You can also see all of our notes on your dashboard, including potential risks and personalised advice on how to mitigate those risks. In some cases where it is legal, this may involve accepting a higher bond for example. We provide this information to help you gain confidence in our comprehensive screening process, but we also understand that you may have to make a business decision and choose the best option from a difficult selection.

What if you don’t certify the application?

If we don't certify the application, it means we do not recommend renting to them. This is usually due to a build-up of red flags, inconsistent or unverified information, bad references, or unexplainable results from the NTD check. To certify an application we need to have high confidence that the tenant will pay the rent, take care of the property, and be easy to deal with. A good tenant for one property may not be suitable for another, so it is contextual. You can rent your property to anyone even without our certification. The consequence to you is that they may encounter difficulties along the way and make your life very difficult. Additionally, you will not be covered by CubbiCover.

What if my tenant withdraws their application after I have paid for screening?

If the tenant withdraws their application before we complete our screening and you shortlisted the application for screening within 12 hours of receiving it, we will credit you for another screening. It's important to act quickly because good tenants move fast. Renters often withdraw their applications because they have been accepted for another property. Therefore, we recommend that you don't wait to shortlist an application until all applications come in, as this strategy is a myth and not effective at securing good tenants. It’s a big reason we recommend the special $160 offer instead of the $80 per application.

What is CubbiCover and how do you guarantee your screening?

We provide CubbiCover for all certified applications. Learn more about CubbiCover here. If however, we do not certify the application, no we do not provide any guarantees.

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