6 cover letter tips for a winning rental application

For renters

Are you applying for a rental property? Most application forms will give you one free spot to write a cover letter. Don't stuff it up!

It's your chance to stand out and put the human element into your application.

After all, to this point, no machines have yet to approve a rental application. Humans do, so make yourself relatable.

How much do you love the property? Why?

Don't just say we like the outdoor area, be emotive. Explain why you are obsessed with the property.

Why is this important: The more you love the property, the more likely you'll care for the property and want to stay longer.

Your story

Tell them enough about you and your household to build an emotional connection with you.

Warning: Don't tell them your life story - just tell them enough. For example, don't tell them how many properties you have applied for, that's not relevant.

Why are you moving?

Rental managers want to know that you are suitable for the property and that your move makes sense. They want to create a story in their head about why this property is right for you. Knowing why you're moving is a critical element to putting the pieces together.

This might seem like micro managing your life but many people apply for properties because they are desperate, then later on move out because it's not right for them. No owner or manager wants this because it costs them money to find new tenants.

Tie it all together

If you think anything in your application may not make sense to someone reading it or put you in a negative light, mention it in your cover letter. For example, if you don't have proof of income because you have just started at your new job, say it in your cover letter, don't let them make up their own mind.

Sell sell sell

Sell yourself but don't be sleazy, desperate or waffle. Explain why and give any additional evidence to show you will pay the rent, look after the property and be easy to deal with. Just one or two quick liners might be enough.

Keep it as short as possible

It doesn't mean you need to keep it under 100 words, but you want every line to be relevant. So use the least amount of words to covey the above points.

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