How Cubbi Landlords and Tenants are getting through COVID-19 together


Every.Single.Person has been impacted by COVID-19 in some way. Many have had their entire world turned upside down, and to those people just remember, this will end, you will get to the other side and life will be better than it is right now. For now, stay home, stay safe and look out for one another.

With everything going on in the world right now, renting on Common Ground has never, never been more important than during COVID-19.

Tenants are losing their jobs by the dozen and stressed out of their minds trying to keep their homes.

Owners are losing their jobs too and searching for the balance between keeping their tenants in a home and paying the mortgage.

Both are squeezed financially and it's hurting.

(Not to mention the delays in new provisions being passed down from the government which will allow landlords to make better decisions to help their tenant, but we must be patient - there is lots to work through).

Yet with all this going on, it's very humbling to see the Landlords and Tenants using Cubbi are working together, digging deeper than ever before and finding Common Ground to help achieve what the other wants.

A home for their family.

A tenant to help pay their mortgage.

We are being flooded with messages from owners and tenants of pure care for one another.

Here's just one example of an owner reaching out to their tenant from last week:

That's just the start, we've had over 40 messages:

  • From owners asking us to defer their tenants rent payments
  • From owners asking us to reduce the rent for the next 3 months or indefinitely
  • Tenants simply reaching out to the landlord just let them know they are ok

If you're a tenant reading this and everything is ok, maybe reach out to the landlord and tell them you're ok. If you're not, see below help links and don't be afraid to reach out to the landlord to tell them you're struggling. Be as proactive and open as you can be. No judgement!

If you're a landlord, reach out to your tenant just to check-in to see how they're going. If times are tough talk to your bank, there has never been a better time to pause repayments and save on interest - maybe you can pass on the savings? You should also know, if you're not in a position to help your tenant, it's ok, we all just need to help where we can.

We're in this together.

Special big thank you all the Cubbi Owners and Tenants working together during this tough time and to let you know we're here to support you both every step of the way.

For Tenants:

For Landlords:

Social Distance support by Cubbi:

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