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Full service property management.

Connect with a local manager who will take care of your rental property on Cubbi.

Save approx 23% over traditional agents

See everything as it happens in real-time

$4,500 eviction and vacancy cover

Save ~23% over traditional agents

See everything as it happens

$5,000 eviction and vacancy cover

and see how we compare

Instant Quote

4.6 from over 300 reviews


Manager in Mentone, VIC


The better alternative to traditional property management

Using the power of technology with admin on autopilot and your own local manager to give you a 5-star experience.

Homeowner protection that's never been seen before, that ties us to your results.

Value based pricing so you are charged a fair rate saving 23% an average.

Unresponsive property managers that you end up chasing because they are buried in admin and outdated technology.

Not accountable to your results. If the agent makes a mistake, you pay for it.

Charge a high ongoing fee regardless of the work required.

Our powerful tech gives managers more time for you.


Their manual processes make them too busy to respond.

We guarantee good management or we pay.

If they make a mistake, you pay for it.


Our fair fees are tied to the value you receive.


Their fees are set regardless of the work required.

The traditional way of managing property has passed it’s used by date.


Property Management

Unresponsive due to their lack of time and poor technology where you chase the manger.

Not accountable to your results. If the agent makes a mistake, you pay for it.

Charge high fees regardless of work required.

Cubbi technology gives our managers more time to give you personalised support.

We are accountable to your results so you don’t need to manage the manger.

Value based pricing means you only pay for the work required.

Our digital property management platform simplifies everything.

Technology is at our core. A platform to support everyone, you, the renter and our local managers to create the ultimate property management experience.


Everything happens in real-time. No more waiting for your property manager to send the lease, pay out the rent, or chase the rent. It all happens in real-time, so you don't pay the price of slow management.

paying out


Imagine that you could see every conversation and maintenance request and get notified of things that matter most to you? You would be in total control without doing the work.

Your local manager does what tech can't.

We partner with local managers who care for people and have a flair for property management. They ensure everything is running smoothly on Cubbi, and they’re on the ground getting it done. They set up your property, do the inspections and everything in between.

Local experts

Living close-by and with extensive property management experience, they have a thorough knowledge of their area to get the best return for your property.

Exceptional service

Your friendly local manager will be there for your renters every step of the way. A happy renter means a better outcome for you.


Our local managers have a financial interest in the success of your property and are accountable to reviews and service standards.

Manager in Mentone, VIC


Manager in Frankston, VIC


Manager in Cheltenham, VIC


Manager in Cheltenham, VIC

Save approx 23% with fair pricing

Today property management companies charge all their homeowners the same high fee regardless of the work done. We don’t think that's fair.

Not every property is the same, and not every renter is the same. So you shouldn't pay the same as someone with a high-maintenance property that attracts average renters.

Desired rent per week
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Our service to you

Here are just some things we do to take care of your property and get the highest return.

Pre-qualified renters

We keep an active list of pre-qualified renters who get exclusive access to upcoming homes. They can inspect your property via a 3D tour and secure the home even within hours of your current renter giving notice.

Best value trades

We only work with tradespeople that provide quality work at fair prices. If you find a lower price for the same job, we’ll refund you the difference.

Open new markets

Floor plans and 3D virtual tours gives potential renters the ability to view your property without physically seeing it. This reduces vacancy because it we can secure interstate renters and relocation agencies before a physical inspection.

Local manager

Your local manager is on the ground so they get to know your property inside out and build a rapport with you and the renters along the way. This helps to resolve any issues before they become one. #onecontact

Legal & compliance

Property management is fraught with complex legislation and compliance issues that we handle for you. If any additional safety checks are required we’ll let you know.

Instant payouts

Our technology automatically reconciles and pays out your rent instantly. No human intervention required. Expect the rent in your bank account within 30 seconds of it being paid. It’s better in your pocket than a trust account.

365 control

We build and own our technology so you get the ultimate control. Update your notifications and preferences from your dashboard anytime so you get to make the decisions that are important to you without doing the physical work.

Damage protection

Before new renters move in, we add a video scan to your property condition report for indisputable evidence. A video scan protects you from unfair damage costs and minimises disagreements over bond refunds.

Happy renters

96% of homeowners we surveyed believe renters are more likely to look after the property if they feel at home, and we 100% agree. We go out of our way to ensure your renter feels respected, empowered and, most importantly, at home.

Track everything

Cubbi technology tracks everything so if something happens, there’s no hiding. Cubbi keeps a full audit of everything, every conversation, every request, every payment. Full accountability reduces legal action.

How it works

Check availability

Enter your property address to see if we cover your area and check out our local managers.

Meet your manager

Get to know your manager and read our agreement. Then, sign when you’re ready for us to start.

Get back to life

Relax your shoulders. We got this. We’ll take care of your property while you have full oversight and control from your Cubbi dashboard.

Investment protection cover.
Free for owners. Only on Cubbi.

Eviction cover

At Cubbi, evictions are rare but they can happen. If a Cubbi-qualified renter that we have recommended is evicted due to a breach of lease you are covered up to $4,000 for eviction, re-leasing and insurance excess fees.

Zero vacancy

Vacancy happens, but it can be reduced to almost nothing with fast leasing and strong negotiation skills. After the 5th day your property sits vacant between renters we’ll pay you $30 per day. For example, if your property is vacant for 3 weeks we’ll pay you $390. Maximum payout is $500.

Get started

The only way to really know if Cubbi is right for you is to try it risk free.

100 day risk free trial

Experience the power of Cubbi for 100 days. Not for you? Get a full refund.

Zero commitment

Leave anytime. No questions asked. 
No break up fees.

You don’t need to make your decision now, start by viewing the local managers in your area.


Manager in Cheltenham, VIC

Contact us

We want to manage your property so if something is on your mind, share it with. We’ll tell you the honest truth even if means we can’t do business with you today.

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Speak to a Cubbi expert who can answer any question you have.

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Frequently asked questions

Where do I go if I need help?

We recommend checking your dashboard first, if you can’t find the answer in 10 seconds, call your local manager they should resolve it in 60 seconds. In addition to your dashboard and local manager you can always talk to support at Cubbi too.

How does CubbiCover work?

CubbiCover de-risks your investment so you get more peace of mind and freedom to do what you love instead of worrying about your investment property. We don’t like small print but there are a couple of conditions, which you can find them in the Management Agreement. Get started now you’ll see them in 30 seconds flat.

Do you offer all inclusive fees?

No, and we’re not sorry for it because it just wouldn’t be fair on you. Our pricing has been designed to give you maximum value. Not the lowest price or the highest price but the most amount of value based on the amount of management your property needs.

Can you help me switch from my current agent?

Yes, we do it all for you, including the awkward break-up phone call. It’s part of our standard onboarding process, so click the 'Check availability' button in the Get Started section above and follow the prompts. Contact us if you want us to read over your existing management agreement in advance to advise on notice periods or any nasty break-up fees.

Do you advise on buying an investment property?

Yes, it’s called our Investor support services (ISS). It's free and includes rental appraisals (and advice on increasing the rental return) on all properties you are considering purchasing. Advice on attracting your ideal renter (based on your investment goals and local market) and an Income and Expenses calculator pre-filled with all our suggestions. Valued at $300. Free for up to 3 properties. $100 per property thereafter. Click the 'Check availability' button to see if we can help you in the Get Started section above.

I’m moving and want to rent out my current home, can you help?

We get you, your place isn’t just any rental property, it’s your home and you want it to be treated like one. They are the exact renters we want at Cubbi too so you have come to the right place. You may not be ready yet but if you give us 2 months’ notice before you need your first tenant, we’ll give you a $200 discount on the leasing fee just for helping us plan ahead. If you have any questions or want a checklist of things to do before renting your existing home contact us.

What happens after I sign with you?

We take it from here. First, we set up your entire property into Cubbi and record your preferences, so get notified about the things you want to approve. We’ll also offer you an optional digital lock for the full experience.

Why a digital lock? We don’t force it but we do recommend a digital lock because it’s a far greater renter experience, it’s safer (than having 10 keys floating around with past tenants), increases efficiency, and provides everyone more oversight of the property (think maintenance) and it may even increase the value of your rental property by $5 per week. We believe in it so much that we provide a $200 rebate on the cost of it.

Numbers talk and
sometimes they add up

4.6 from over 300 reviews
of tenants pay on time
Total homeowners have saved
NPS score
( -3 is the industry average)
Days to find a tenant
vs 30 days industry average
Ave savings per homeowner
vs using an agent

Get a free rent estimate

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Virtual Rent Estimate

Get a free comprehensive rent estimate with 95% accuracy delivered to your inbox within 24 hours without any effort required by you. The report includes statistics and current market conditions to show how we arrived at our estimate. It's most accurate rent assessment to a physical inspection.

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