Cubbi’s new rental application form is the best in Australia

For homeowners

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After many months, we are proud to release our brand new application form.

Some would say we’re nuts to spend $200k+ to build our own application form when there are various application forms on the market we could freely integrate with, including snug, 1form, 2Apply the list goes on but we didn’t for two main reasons:

  1. Their reviews are shocking. 1form (owned by have a star rating of 1.1 from 400 reviews. Take a look for yourself.
  2. Secondly, integrating would ultimately cap our innovation to their speed. Our brand new application is the foundation of our future plans to zero vacancy between tenants and make screening lighting fast and as easy as picking your favourite colour.

Scroll down the bottom to watch the walk through video

Why renters will love it

Simple and easy to fill out - We studied every other application form on the market, researched their reviews, and went through 5 rounds of user testing to finally arrive at our seamless application flow.

Making good renters shine - Most application forms don’t help good renters stand out. They don’t explain why certain information is required, making them feel disrespected and frustrated. So we took the time to explain why information is needed and provide lots of opportunities for good tenants to stand out (without forcing it).

Save and come back anytime - Well this is just a basic expectation isn’t it? You can’t expect someone to fill out a large online form without being able to save and finish it later.

Apply together - One application for the entire household, everyone just completes their own details, less double handing and anyone can submit it for processing when they want.

Reusable - This wasn't easy considering an application form holds a lot of sensitive data that should only be seen by people who absolutely need to see it. How we solved the data storage problem is critical for renters to safely and instantly apply for future properties on Cubbi.

Edit anytime - It happens; you submit an application and then realise you can improve something. An application can be freely updated anytime, by either applicant, with no hassle. It almost feels too easy.

That’s just the start.

Landlords and Managers will love it too, maybe even more.

The best renter experience - means they have no issues completing the form, less handholding and happy applicants.

Easy screening - We allow and explain why applicants should provide additional proof. Still, we don’t allow applicants to submit their application unless the critical information has been provided, making screening fast without the back and forth.

See who has started an application (but not finished) - This one is special. We call it Upcoming Applications. It allows you to see who and how many people are currently filling out an application for your property. This is great if you’re waiting for one particular application to apply before accepting your second choice.

Notify unsuccessful applicants - Notifying someone they are unsuccessful in their application is not very nice. We take the pain away, it’s easy and painless to mark someone as unsuccessful. In addition, after everyone signs the lease for your desired tenant Cubbi automatically notifies all unsuccessful applicants so you don’t need to worry about it.

Send Now references - applicants can send their own references even before submitting the application, even if you don’t have professional screening enabled. Freely enabling applicants to increase their chances of getting approved and help you to screen tenants faster, a win-win.

And yes that’s still just the start.

Start using the free rental application form

Existing Cubbi properties - If you’re already using Cubbi you don’t have to do anything, all future applicants will use the new application form when applying for a property.

New Cubbi properties - If you’re looking to use Cubbi, your applicants will automatically use our new application form when you list the property for rent.

Either way, our old application form will not see the light of day again.

Free test drive - Start applying for my fake property here.

We are on a mission to automate the entire end-to-end process of managing a property, pushing the status quo to make the lives of landlords, managers and renters better.

Learn more about what we do here.

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