Mindful Maintenance

Customised control over maintenance

Have customised control over how maintenance is handled and never pay for unnecessary and excessive repairs.
Requests AI troubleshooted before they come through.
Repairs resolved by Cubbi in under 48 hours.
Increased renter happiness vs the average agent.
How it works

Control and visibility at all times


Requests troubleshooted.

Our AI troubleshooter helps the renter self-diagnose issues preventing unnecessary and avoidable requests before they come through.


Unsolved requests get sent through.

Based on your preferences Cubbi will handle the request or you do it yourself.


Qualified trade ordered within 48 hours.

A trade is organised based on your preferences and the urgency of the request. All our trades are qualified and insured with automated invoicing and payments.


Track and stay informed.

Always see what’s happening. Keeping you and renters fully informed while keeping records all in one place.

Built-in protection against unnecessary repairs and excessive fees.

$5,000 Maintenance Guarantee

If Cubbi organises a repair that turns out to be unnecessary or the Cubbi tradesperson overcharges, we’ll recover your out of pocket costs upto $5,000 per invoice.


Urgent Repairs

24 hour urgent repair line for renters.

Your questions, answered.

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I want Cubbi to manage all the maintenance, how does it work?

When a maintenance request comes in, you’ll still be notified and can still see and track the repair request but you will not need to take any action. A Cubbi maintenance expert will further diagnose the problem/solution and get an estimated cost to repair. If the cost to repair is within your auto-approved limits the appropriate tradesperson will be sent a work order to complete the work. If the estimated cost to repair is over your auto-approved limit you will be required to approve the work before it can be done.

What's the process to handle my own maintenance?

If you elect to handle your own maintenance (from your preferences) you will be notified about the repair request straight away. You may need to further diagnose the problem and determine the appropriate tradesperson to handle the job. From there it’s super quick and easy to order a Cubbi tradesperson on the platform. You can also use your own tradesperson even if they are not registered in Cubbi.

Can I pass maintenance onto Cubbi even if my preference is to manage my own maintenance?

Yes absolutely. For clarity, let's say you get notified about a maintenance request. You might take one look at it and decide you don’t want to deal with it. Just click for Cubbi to manage it and consider it done.

Is there a time limit to handle my own maintenance?

Yes. We have high expectations of our renters and in return, we live up to the same standard. This keeps renters happy and in your property for longer and not to mention a better-kept property. The time limit depends on how urgent the issue is.

Can I change my Management Preferences anytime?

Yes. Anytime you like.

How are tradespeople paid?

When the job is complete and the invoice is received, Cubbi will handle the payment. Everything is automatically recorded for tax time. No work or effort is required on your behalf.

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