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Get new renters effortlessly

Our new digital leasing process streamlines the entire process to find and secure the best renters before your property becomes vacant.
Average days to secure renter.
Faster compared to industry average.
Pay-on time from certified renters.
How it works

The new digital leasing process


Reach Australia’s largest renter audience.

Before your property goes live you can approve and make changes. Your property will shine brightly on all the major websites and be matched with pre-certified renters.


Physical Inspections
Digital Inspections

Skip time wasting physical inspections. All prospective renters can digitally inspect your property 24/7 for the ultimate renter experience while speeding up the entire process.


We professionally screen applications.

Renters can apply for your property after digitally inspecting your property. We only certify the best renters for your property. Certified Renters are backed by CubbiCover.


Approve subject to physical inspection

You have the option to allow only approved renters or anyone to inspect your property. You can conduct your own inspections or leave it to Cubbi.


Quick and easy to secure.

Choose your preferred renter with complete confidence and secure them with a fully signed lease agreement and first rent payment within minutes.


Your questions, answered.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Visit our Help Center or get in touch.

Do I need to do anything?

Apart from ensuring your Management Preferences are up to date, the only thing you must do is approve your most preferred Certified Renter from within your Cubbi dashboard when you get the notification. We do all the hard work within the New Property Setup including establishing your property's preferred lease terms so you only need to approve the renters.

How involved can I be?

You set what you want from within your Management Preferences, for example, if you want to do the in-person inspections, you can. If you want to view all the applications, you can. If you want to update the rent amount, go for it. All within your dashboard.

Who chooses the rent amount?

You have the final say. We recommend the listing rent amount that we believe best meets your goals and your ideal renters based on the current market conditions however you approve the listing rent amount before the property is published.

When do you start screening applications?

By default, good applications will be shortlisted for screening straight away based on the application's strength and suitability. Alternatively, you can edit this from your Management Preferences, for example, you may like to shortlist an application for screening manually.

How do you screen applications?

We use a mixture of best practices and new methods to ensure we only certify the best renters for your property. This includes comprehensive reference checks, rent affordability, data verification and renter profiling. We use technology to speed up the process and experienced property managers to ensure the accuracy of our recommendations.

Can I bring my own renter?

Yes, but they must apply for the property in Cubbi and go through our screening process so we can certify them. Without renters being Cubbi Certified, you receive less protection through CubbiCover.

What if you can’t find renters?

Something is wrong and proactive action must be taken. Cubbi reviews your entire marketing campaign from the number of views, enquiries, applications and inspection feedback received. This data is critical to making informed decisions and course correct if required. This happens every 5 days so your property will never get left sitting unnoticed.

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