So, what's the deal with Cubbi?

As you may have noticed, the world is changing lately. Phones that think. Politicians that don’t. Living arrangements, too.

But the way we rent property is stuck in the past. Using middlemen to negotiate between ‘opposing’ parties. Spending our days following up on unanswered emails and waiting for things to get done.

It’s time we did things differently.


Which is why Cubbi is Cubbi.

A renting platform that provides owners and tenants with a simple and transparent way to rent property.

Cubbi makes it easy for you to speak directly & manage effortlessly, encourages win-wins between owners and tenants so everyone gets what they want.

A thing we like to call Common Ground.


Your Home. Their Investment.
Your Investment. Their home.

Whichever way you look at it, there’s Common Ground.

Owners and tenants see their situations very differently but need to meet in the middle for mutual benefit. Cubbi makes both their lives easier.

The most important of all? Genuine connection. Respect. Action. Security.


Inspired by our journey

The idea for Cubbi was inspired by our founders (and brothers) Michael and Jason Gilbert.

After seven years in real estate, Michael had become discontent with the endless cycle of band-aiding problems between owners and tenants and the constant uphill battle of trying to create change from within and meeting resistance. At the time, younger brother Jason, had his own problems as a tenant.

The two came together to look for a solution.

With Michael’s understanding of the industry and Jason’s business and technical nous the idea for a new platform that would bring owners and tenants together was put into action.

Now, together with the rest of the team, their deep understanding of the renting journey and passion for creating change, Cubbi is forging a much better renting experience for both owners and tenants.


This is us

Michael Gilbert

Co-founder & Co-CEO
Michael is all about you and understanding your problem and how Cubbi can solve it.

Jason Gilbert

Co-founder & Co-CEO
Marketing and business strategy is Jason's bread & butter but making life easier using technology is his goal.

Ben King

Head of Operations
Passionate about transforming real estate, Ben's UK experience provides a unique perspective.

Max Penson

Hailing from Israel, the Startup Nation, Max is a master of lean product development.

Bryn Leggett

Provides Cubbi with incredible control and confidence when it comes to finance and strategy.

Jamie Kohlman

Marketing Operations
Jamie is a dab hand at any task thrown her way. If she doesn't know how to do it, she'll find a way!

Lillian Durik

Lil's fastidious management of our financial records allows Cubbi to focus on being Cubbi.

This could be you

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We care about you and the community working with one another. Our core values are Transparency, Customers first, Create Change, Listen & Listen again.

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