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1 - FIND

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We present your property to as many renters as possible. You see every enquiry, every inspection feedback, every application and read our full recommendation report for each application that comes in. Oh, the peace of mind.

2 - Secure

We like them. You like them. Lock’em in!

You press the button; you have the power to choose any application you like. The lease, first rent payment, and bond are all handled electronically inside Cubbi. Zero effort. Full oversight.

3 - Move In

Set and forget for a successful tenancy.

Before we hand over the keys to your new tenant, we do the work upfront to save you time and money later. This includes a tenant ready review, property compliant review, full argument proof condition report, self-sufficient tenant induction and key handover.

Simple Pricing


One-fixed fee that includes everything to find, secure and move in your next tenant. Zero effort. Zero worries.

Rent estimate

Property & Compliance review

Open For Inspections

Private inspections

Professional screening

NTD Tenant Checks

Argument proof condition report

Tenant ready review

Key handover

Virtual tour & floor plan

Good tenant Guarantee

Listing on all major websites

Full campaign management

Enquiry management

First rent payment

Bond collection and lodgement

Lease prep and signing

Self sufficient tenant induction. 

Optional extra's



one time only

End existing tenancy (including bond inspection) - $300

Ongoing management

No obligation


of the rent

An automated system with a dedicated expert by your side to make managing a property safe and easy. Saving you $1300 every year (based on 7% comparison fee on a $500 weekly rent property).

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The secrete agents don’t want you to know

Ask any experienced property manager “What is the most critical and time-consuming part of managing a rental property” - 99% will say finding a good tenant and moving them in. That’s no secrete. A good tenant pays the rent on time, looks after the property and is quick and easy to deal with.What they don’t want you to know, after a good tenant moves in, with the right systems and automation in place there is almost nothing to manage. Less than 7 hours per year. That’s the power of a good tenant.

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There is no obligation or commitment until you’re 100% ready to go.

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This full leasing service is currently only available in select areas of Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula. Launching new suburbs every week.

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Our no obligation Rent Estimate will be provided to you within 24 hours. No inspections and no effort required by you. Each rent estimate takes us ~30 minutes to create because we combine data from various sources to give you a 96% accurate rent estimate without visiting your property and taking up your time.

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Current live locations

Currently covering suburbs in and around Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula.
Launching new suburbs every week!

Frequently asked questions

What do the Guarantee cover?

The guarantee keeps us accountable to finding you great tenants so you can be confident we’ll get the result you need. If you're not happy with your tenant, we'll find your next one free. We'll only recommend an application that we believe will be a good tenant for you and your property (see next question -  What is a good tenant?).

What is a good tenant?

Someone who always pays rent on time, looks after the property and abides by all other terms of the lease and legislation, including the peace and privacy of neighbours. In addition, a good tenant makes managing the property effortless, meaning they have these essential traits; honest and upfront, responsive, accommodating, reliable and self-sufficient. A good tenant is also contextual to the property and manager/homeowner. A good tenant for your property is not necessarily a good tenant for another property. Why? The rent amount may be different, meaning the ability to afford the rent requirements of the applicants will change. Or maybe you’re planning to knock the property down in the future; this would mean you’re less worried about the tenant looking after the property, but you would prioritise on-time rent payments and easier access to the property (builders etc.). That’s just the tip of the iceberg. We consider all this and more when recommending an application.

What decisions will I have to make?

You have complete transparency and power over everything; however, the big decisions are the rent amount we advertise your property for and eventually what we lease your property for (usually what you advertise at). The other big decision is which application you want to approve. You’ll get to see all the applications and our recommendations for each one. Other than these two big decisions, there are a few others in the lease you’ll want to be across, E.G., the lease length and start date. Rest assured, we’ll be asking you for your preferences upfront to ensure we attract the right tenant to get your desired lease terms. Of course, you’ll also sign the lease before it’s complete.

What do I need to do?

The first thing you need to do is scroll back up and click on Get Started :)

Ultimately you don’t need to do anything; this is a full leasing service; it’s effortless for you; we do all the work. However, if you have an existing tenant in your property, we may need to contact them to arrange inspections and potentially work through move-in/out dates to reduce vacancy for you. We can also facilitate the switch from your current agent if you have one. Other than that, we need your co-operation to ensure the property is ready to go - cleaned and well maintained are the big ones, so we attract and convert the highest quality tenant for your property.

How soon can you start?

Usually, we can start the next business day because we know how critical this period is to get started quickly. In Victoria, tenants can give 28 days notice to vacate (in a month-to-month lease), so we need to act promptly to reduce vacancy. Or suppose you’re looking at purchasing an investment property or renting out your existing home. In that case, you should book us in early to avoid any delays when there is a higher demand for tenants.

Can I manage the property myself after?

Yes, absolutely, many self-managed landlords need help finding tenants but want to take care of the ongoing management themselves, and that’s not a problem; however, we recommend using our management platform to automate the ongoing management process to save you time. It’s entirely up to you.

Do I have to pay for photos if I have my own?

Great! As long as they are of good quality, we can use them, and you don’t need to pay to get photos. Click Get Started above, and we’ll get them from you soon. Please note that if you have recently purchased a property, we could use those photos on the sales ad as long as we have permission from the agent or vendor (whoever owns the images). Talk to us if this is the case.

I have just purchased a property can you help?

Most definitely. If you’re looking to purchase an investment property or purchase your next home and want to rent out your current home, let us know - the sooner, the better to advise you. For example, if you’re purchasing an investment property, we recommend getting access to the property before settlement (to reduce vacancy) by having a clause written into the Contract of Sale.

What is the early bird discount?

If you get us started two months (or more) before the property is available for a tenant to move in, we will reduce our fee from $799 to $699. This allows us time to get organised in advance and reduces the vacancy risk for you.

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