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Stand out from the crowd and get approved for the home you want.

We help you get approved for any rental property by making you shine brighter than any other applicant.

It's not what you think. It's what you can prove.

step by step
Step 1


Create your profile and add badges that make you shine above competitors.

Step 2


Share your profile with agents and attach it to your application to steal there attention.

Step 3


Get approved for the home you want, no longer settle for second best or third best.

You're in good hands.

Our mission

On average you apply for 3 properties before being approved.
We want to help you get your first choice not your third.

Great tempBig thanks to all our partners for helping us providefast and extremely cost effective service to every tenantin Australia. Special shout out to Equifax.late for your Startup


Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars

From over 300 reviews.

I have been using the service for just under 2 years. It is simple, well thought out low stress.



I am pleased to announce that in every instance Michael and his team have been spontaneous to partake, advice and support me on professional approaches to issues.



Tenanting through Cubbi is easy & trustworthy. This is our second year with Cubbi & we couldn’t be more happy.



Cubbi is great! Awesome support staff and the whole process is just made super easy and hassle free!



Effortless and easy to use platform for both tenant and lessor. Have had some minor problems over the years but none that have lasted long. Usually staff will follow up quickly.