Pay rent to any agent or homeowner in Australia. Free.

Pay rent however you like without ever being late. Pay in advance, small instalments, on pay day or split payments - it's very flexible.
In the process you'll build your renting credibility and take it with you when you move. It's yours.

Upgrade options available.

A screenshot of your Home account.

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A screenshot of your Home account.

The most flexible way to pay rent.

We use a digital wallet to make this happen. Better than a bank account, each person you live with can top up anytime, any amount via BPAY, Osko (Instant) or Direct Debit. More options coming soon.

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No agent or homeowner action required.

They will absolutely love seeing the rent in their bank account on the morning it's due in one transaction. Every. Single. Time.

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AutoPay your rent on time.

You don't need to worry about a thing. Your rent will only ever be paid when it's due. Not when it's not.

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Build your own Trust Score.

Your rent payment history is no longer stuck in an agent's archive box after you move out. It's your digital record that continues to build from one place to another.

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Rent Coach.
Ready to help.

Get real-time feedback only when you need it. We're also here in the background if things don't go to plan.

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Safety is everything.
$38 million transacted.

We have securely transacted over $38 million rent payments so far. Cubbi is Australian owned and operated in Melbourne since 2013. Your personal data is encrypted and safe.

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1 tenant

5 free transactions per month (Okso - Instant Payment)

$1 per BPAY and Direct Debit transactions

3 months rent history

Email support

$0/ per month per user

Good if you just want to pay.

Start living on your terms.

  • Rent Coach

  • Trust Score

  • AutoPay

  • Pay bills

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Can I pay Bond and Water in HomePay?

Yes. Infact you can pay for anything - electricity, pool cleaning whatever as long as it's paid to the person managing the property. Soon you will be able to pay anything to anyone. This will help manage all your household expenses with the people you live with.

What are the fees?

The Free plan ($0 per month) gives you 5 free Osko (Instant Payments) per month which means regardless if your rent is due weekly, fortnightly or monthly it's unlikely you'll ever need to pay a cent. If for whatever reason you need to go over the 5 free Osko payments in a given month it's $1 per transaction thereafter. If you want to pay via BPAY or Direct Debit it's $1 per transaction. All in all the free plan is perfect if it's just you and simply need to pay rent without taking advantage of the full benefits of HomePay. The paid plan ($5 per month per user) is fully featured and allows you to make as many transactions as you like via any method including BPAY, Okso (Instant Payments) or Direct Debit transactions. If you have multiple people paying rent in your household we recommend the paid plan so you can track whose paid what. In this situation if you have 3 people in your household it would cost each person $5 per month.

What support do you provide?

A lot. Firstly we make sure you're all set up correctly so the rent is calculating as per your lease agreement. Following that we provide helpful tips based on your rent status. If all else fails you can talk, email or speak to us on the phone for advice or help. You're not alone.

My agent needs a unique reference on their bank statement.

You will be asked to enter a reference when getting set up. This will ensure the agent or homeowner knows it was you who paid.

I'm an agent or homeowner. Can I send my tenants here?

You certainly can. You can refer your tenants to HomePay and let them decide if they go with the free or paid plan. The free plan is based on legislation that requires you to offer atleast one free means to pay rent. Your tenant may decide to upgrade or stay on the free plan. Send us a message and let's talk it through.