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Free for all properties rented on Cubbi or $39 each.

"Super impressed with the report! Very comprehensive and great comparison for other properties on the market. That's far better than the two real estate agents I had through the property last week to give me a rent appraisal."

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Designed to help self managing landlords

Maximise your rental return while attracting or keeping great tenants.

Find new tenats

Advertise your rental property at the highest price possible while attracting great tenants.

Rent increases

Maximise your rent increase without upsetting existing great tenants.

New investment

When buying or turning your home into an investment property - you must know your numbers. No bias here.

Using an Agent

Don’t trust their feeling? Do they seem bias? We stick the facts and give you the data behind the number.

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Virtual rent estimate by an experienced and licensed property manager.

Free for all properties rented on Cubbi or $39 each.

95% accuracy or your money back

No effort or inspection required

3 business day turnaround (or express option)

Any rental in Australia

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Express Delivery



Same-day delivery before 11am.
(Great for when time is of the essence and you can’t afford to wait)

Video Explanation


2 minute personalised video explanation.
(explaining in more detail how we came up with the rent estimate)

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Frequently asked questions

How does this compare to a physical inspection?

For 90% of properties in Australia, it’s as accurate as a rental appraisal by a local real estate agent but better because it’s faster, no effort, no inspection and no bia’s. You also get the data behind the number.

Can you use it for a bank valuation?

If your bank accepts it, yes, but most do not. Instead most require a rental appraisal on letter head signed by a licensee in charge. We provide this free for any rental property currently rented on the Cubbi platform. Please email

What’s the catch?

No catch. It’s free as part of the 2% Cubbi service fee or, you can pay $39 if your property is not currently rented on Cubbi. We believe the report worth well over $70 however given the current rise in interest rates and increased cost to manage a property (extra compliance), we think you need a fair go.

I’m purchasing an investment property, can I get one?

Absolutely yes! You don’t need to own the property yet to get a Virtual Rent Estimate. You’ll probably notice selling agents will inflate a rental appraisal because it’s in their best interests. Don’t do your numbers on a sales agents rental appraisal. Get a second opinion.

How long does it take?

3 business day turnaround. We have a three step process to providing you with an accurate rent estimate.
1. We gather the information on your property.
2. We collect data from various paid sources and from our own database. 3. An experienced and licensed property manager will interpret the data to provide you with a rent estimate and personalised comments.

How do you know the condition of my property?

Corelogic rpdata, and Cubbi are our main sources of data including information we collect directly from you. Like photos, renovations and other descriptions. If the property has not been rented or listed for sale recently. We encourage you to provide as much information as possible. We do so in return to help you understand the data not just our estimate, empowering you to make educated and informed decisions.

What is the refund policy?

If we can’t provide an estimate within 95% accuracy or good confidence we will refund your money. So for example if we’re unable to provide an estimate in the first place we’ll let you know and refund your money automatically. You don’t even need to ask. Secondly if you get 2 other rental appraisals and find ours to be out by over 5% let us know and we’ll refund your money.

How does this compare with the free auto rent valuation?

The Virtual Rent Estimate is more accurate so you can rely on it. The free auto rent valuation provides a good indication of where the price might be, for that reason, it’s great first step. The free auto rent valuation does not take into consideration the vacancy rate, quality of property, renovations and improvements and human emotions.

What type of properties?

Any permanent (over 3 months) residential rental property in Australia. We don’t do rent estimates for share housing, holiday letting, airbnb, or commercial properties.

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