Ultimate Rent My Estate Inspection

Recipe for The Ultimate Cubbi Inspection

Recipe for The Ultimate Cubbi Inspection

Recipe for The Ultimate Cubbi Inspection


  • Advertise your property on the best real estate websites
  • For lease sign
  • Printable, professional-looking property brochure
  • The inspection process
  • Application forms


First, advertise your property on the best real estate websites, like www.realestate.com.au which draws an average of 18.6 million visitors each month, to attract potential tenants to your property.

Second, you’ll need a for lease sign to guide those potential tenants that saw your ad to where exactly your property is located.  It is also great for passer-byers and those in the neighborhood who can spread the word to their family and friends, since they’ll want a great tenant living close by.

Third, you now have enquiries coming in and you should handle each one if they could be your future tenants living in and looking after your property.  To show how much you care about your property so your potential tenants will have the same respect and care for it as well, you should showcase the ultimate Cubbi Inspection.  For an Open Home Inspection you can set a specific date and time on your property ad for potential tenants to view your property.

Fourth, the steps to complete The Ultimate Cubbi Inspection:

  • Be at the property at least 10 minutes before the inspection to lighten, heat or cool the property to a desirable temperature for early-comers.

  • Remove any valuables from eyesight as a precaution.

  • Leave enough printed application forms on the kitchen bench for the number of people you expect to attend the inspection.

  • Think about your answers to the most 3 frequently asked questions by potential tenants:  When is the property going to be available?  Are pets allowed (the best answer to this question is you will consider this option based on an application with good references.  Ideally you don’t want to discount anyone).  How long is the lease term? (Generally the answer to this question should be anywhere from 6 to 12 months).

  • During the inspection stay around the front door to answer questions.  (If its a big property, its ideal to have another person in the central part of the home also answering questions as people walk around).

  • Introduce yourself to each person that comes to the inspection and write down each person’s name.  In addition, provide each person a brochure when they enter the property.

  • As people are walking out, you can ask what they think of your property.  If everyone is saying its just nice and leaving, you may need to change your price.  If people are saying its not suitable for their lifestyle, perhaps look at what impression your ad is giving?  For example, if only families are coming to your inspection but your property is more suited to couples, perhaps change your ad to spark their interest, not families.

  • Lastly, hand out any extra brochures and rental application forms to interested people.

With your Cubbi account, you can download and email the tenant a rental form to complete on their computer.  The potential tenants can also visit www.rentmyestate.com.au, and download an application.

Cost of Ingredients:

  • Professional Advertising on real estate websites – $150
  • For Lease Sign – $55
  • Printable, Professional-looking property brochure – $0
  • Application Forms – $0

Like any good recipe, you can’t leave out any ingredients or it just won’t be the same. Create your free Cubbi Estate account today to get started on attracting potential tenants to your ultimate Cubbi Inspection.

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