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Encryption and bank grade security protects your data.

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You give consent and log into your bank account.

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In real time bank data is analysed using advanced machine learning.

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Rent affordability

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Gain instant credibility.

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Provided by Equifax, Australia's first Digital Tenancy Affordability Check

Applying for a property doesn't have to be time-consuming, by using the Rent Affordability report, we can safely and securely retrieve the financial information to help you get your application approved.

Can I use the same report for my partner and I?

Yes absolutely. In fact we recommend you get the one report between you, because your ability to pay the rent is based on the group applying for the property not each individual. If you don't share bank accounts, thats ok, you can add multiple bank accounts to the one report.

How long does the report last?

30 days to give you a ballpark but we guarantee it for 45 days. Ultimately it depends on the individual agent or homeowner in terms of what is recent enough for them. If you have purchased one in the last 45 days and you still can't find a property and an agent or homeowner asks for a more recent report, let us know and we'll give you a free one.

How secure is my data?

Enterprise-grade security and encrypted bank account details protect your data provided by Equifax. The Affordability product provided by Equifax is used for home loans and other services too, the difference is, this one is specific to showing your rent affordability only.

Who gets access to my report?

No one but you if you purchase the report. On the other hand, if an agent buys the report and you receive a link to consent, the agent will get a copy.

What information is included in the report?

The goal of this report is to show you can afford the rent, to help you get approved for a rental property, nothing else. Your transaction data of the last 90 days is categorised into income and expenses and past rental payment information, none of your individual transactions are in the report. Feel free to get a sample report below.

What if I don't like the results on the report?

If you purchased the report yourself there is no obligation for you to share it with anyone.

Is it free when an agent asks me to consent to the report?

Only if they have paid for the report already; in that case, follow the link from the email you received to get the free rent affordability report.

The rental crisis is real

"Vacancy rates in suburban Australia are currently some of the lowest ever on record".

With limited homes on the market you need to stand out.

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