If Something Goes Wrong

Life isn’t always smooth sailing, we get that. If owners or tenants get lost at sea, here is a list of ways we can support you:

Late Rent

Peace of mind if rent falls behind

Sometimes unfortunate things happen in life, and these things may cause a tenant to fall behind on their rent. At Cubbi, we get tenants back up to date as quickly as possible. Here’s how we support the process.

Prevention = Protection

Cubbi sets the right expectations from the beginning on how rent is paid, how often its due and what happens if the tenant falls behind. This is why Cubbi automatically debits the rent on the day it’s due.

The moment rent fails

Cubbi sends transparent messages to both owners and tenants the second a payment fails and automatically retries the payment the following day if no action is taken

If things get really serious

With strict automatic and human processes in place it rarely gets this far (except on TV). If if does Cubbi assists in the termination of the tenancy and recouping out of pocket expenses through insurance.

Real Help

Experienced and licensed people you can talk to

We have managed, rented and owned investment properties throughout Australia which means owners and tenants get well rounded unbiased renting advice you can rely on for your responsibilities, get peace of mind and solve problems on Common Ground.

Unlimited support

General support 7 days a week with in depth renting advice Monday to Friday.

Unbiased help

We’ll help you make the best decision taking into consideration everyone's responsibilities.

We really do care

Our mission is to give owners and tenants a great renting experience. Talk to us.


Get covered for a range of common issues 24-7, 365 days/year

Emergency Home Assistance is here when you need help most by organising qualified tradespeople for common household emergencies including burst pipes, gas leaks, power failures, locking yourself out of the house and more.

Enjoy the benefits of $0 sign-up fees and discounts to a range of plans to suit different budgets offering between 2-8 call-outs per year, up to $300 toward each call-out.

Additional Insurance

We’ll get you covered in case things go wrong

We can all agree even the best homes and tenants can have difficulties or accidents that can leave you out of pocket. Cubbi helps you get setup with the right insurances and compliance. Here are just two of the ways we look out for you.


Comprehensive coverage from $260 per year.

We’ve partnered with some of the best landlord insurance providers to get the most extensive coverage for very competitive rates. Giving Cubbi owners peace of mind for many tenant related issues like loss of rent so you can get back to life. This is an option when getting started with Cubbi. More Info..

Loss of rent

Covered if your tenant fails to pay or refuses to leave when served eviction notices.


Covered for malicious and accidental damage caused to your property.


Cover for claims made against you for injury suffered on your property.


Be smoke alarm compliant for $79 per year.

We have so many things going on in our lives we sometimes forget the small things that can have life changing effects. Working smoke alarms. Owners have strict legal responsibilities to have working smoke alarms in the right locations. Cubbi helps owners get and keep smoke alarm compliant without lifting a finger that may save your tenants life.

Unlimited Visits

Qualified electricians on every service with unlimited visits.

Fully tax deductible

Fully tax deductible, small price to pay for piece of mind.

Australia wide

Our partner services homes all around Australia.

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