Property management platform for owners to seamlessly rent property without an agent.

Earn more

Pay just 2% of the rent and $199 when you need new tenants.

Get it done

No paperwork, it’s all sorted in Cubbi. Get back to life.

Common Ground

Cubbi helps you connect wth your tenant and stay on the same page.

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Find good tenants

Advertise your property on the biggest real estate websites. Respond to enquiries directly, meet your tenants and screen tenant applications from your dashboard.


Cast your net

List your property on 10 sites including and Domain for as long as you need. On average Cubbi owners sign a lease in 15 days.


Screen tenants

Tenants apply online and you receive your appliations instantly. Screen tenants with one click on the National Tenancy Database.

New tenant move in

Select your tenant and get the ball rolling. Create your lease in Cubbi, everyone signs online and the first payment and bond is done automatically.

Lease agreement

Lock’em in quick

Create and sign the lease within 15 minutes of approving your tenant. All agreements and notices are state specific so you’re protected by law.


Bond lodgement

Bond is paid through Cubbi (excluding NSW & TAS). Pre-filled bond forms are sent out for signing for lodgement with the relevant bond authority.

Condition report

Video evidence

Upload a video of each room and a written report for legal protection is created and sent out for signing. Quick, clear and accessible anytime. If you’re unable to do the condition reports? Just send Cubbi to do them.

Payment collection

Receive the rent weekly, fortnightly or monthly straight into your bank account. Auto retry of failed payments. Charge your tenant for water too.

Rent collection

Get paid on time

Fast and on time payment options unique to the industry, Cubbi’s Instant Payments guarantee your payments being processed on the same day - no more waiting for 5 days for rent to clear. Rent receipts and all payments records are available to your tenant.

Late rent

Made for ‘Mr Nice guy’

Failed payments are automatically retried after 24 hours and flexible payment methods allow your tenant to catch up on missed rent. If things get worse, Cubbi sends late notices and recommends termination steps - keeping everyone on the same page.

Other payments

Collect water payments

Invoice your tenant for water, electricity or anything else random. Simple payment options for tenants and everything recorded for tax time.


Tax time sorted

Add your own expenses and any other income received. Export an annual pdf summary and excel spreedsheet with all the details and attached invoices ready made for your accountant.

Managment on clockwork

Stop worrying about staying on top of everything. Time to inspect, time to increase rent, time to have a new lease signed? Cubbi reminds you of that, and gets it done too.

Lease renewals

Another 12 months?

Your options delivered on a platter at the right time. Get a new lease signed in minutes.
Not sure about rent? Get a free rent increase recommendation by a real person.

Routine inspections

Time to inspect?

Get reminded when it’s time to pop in. Schedule and report the inspection all in Cubbi. Made for the everyday person, no experience necessary.


Cubbi lets you know instantly when your tenant needs a hand around the house; shower leak or hole in the wall—big problem or small.

Report maintenance

Umm the toilet is leaking

Be alerted instantly when your tenant logs maintenance in Cubbi. Not sure if that’s a tenant responsibility? Just ask us.

Find a tradesperson

Can you fix it?

Use your own tradie or click to find one in Cubbi. The right tradesperson will typically confirm your job within the hour. Done.


We know your time is precious so you’ll never go on hold.
Every person that works for Cubbi is located here in Melbourne.


Speak to someone

Schedule a time to talk on the phone. Real estate advice, tech support or something a bit more general? The right person will call you back ready with answers so you can get on with your day.

Help centre

Instant answers

Search our help articles for an instant answer. If you can’t find what you’re looking for send us a message and if one of us are available we can talk on live chat.


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