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Step 1

Advertise your property

Create your property, add some photos and pop in a quick description. There’s plenty of tips provided along the way. Upload your ID to get verified. All Cubbi properties are upgraded to Highlight ads on realestate.com.au and are also listed on other major sites like Domain. Alternatively, you can list for free on Cubbi.

Step 2

Choose your tenants

Once your listing is live, you’ll start receiving enquiries directly from tenants via Cubbi. Host your inspections, meet potential tenants and direct them to the check-in app. They’ll be able to request to rent your property online and you can view and approve the applications from your dashboard. You’ll receive lots of helpful tips to choose the best tenant.

Step 3

Moving in

Once you’ve approved your tenant, you’ll be guided through the lease creation. Your tenants first rent payment will begin processing as soon as the last person signs the lease online. We’ll guide you through the condition report and bond and before you know it, your tenants will be all moved in! From there, everything runs on autopilot. If you need to anything, Cubbi lets you know.

Step 1

Set up your tenancy

Create a property, input the lease details and rent payment terms. Follow the prompts to set up the next rent due date and ongoing rent payments.

Step 2

Invite your tenants

Once you’ve created the tenancy you simply add your tenants details and submit. They’ll receive an email invitation to complete the set up, including confirming the lease details and setting up rent payments.

Step 3

Get back to life

And, you’re done! You’ll be notified when your tenants have finalised the set up and Cubbi will automatically debit the next rent payment when it’s due. If there’s anything else you need to do (like renewing a lease), Cubbi will let you know.

Step 1

Give your agent notice

All you need to do is input your property managers details and upload a copy of your management agreement and Cubbi will create the termination notice for you to sign online. We’ll send it off to your agent and confirm the switch over day.

Step 2

Invite your tenant

On switch over day (usually 30 days after notice given) you can collect your tenancy file from the agent (or get us to collect them for you!). You can then set up your tenancy and invite your tenant into Cubbi.

Step 3

Full steam ahead

Your tenants will receive an invitation by email to get set up. They’ll input their contact details, confirm the lease details and set up rent payments and away you go! You’ll be notified when the set up is complete and Cubbi will automatically debit the next rent payment when it’s due. If there’s anything else you need to do, Cubbi will let you know.