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Do I sign a contract with Cubbi?
Short answer: No

Another short-ish answer: No, but our T&Cs act as the framework which outlines both Cubbi’s and your rights and responsibilities.

Why no contract? Well, Cubbi doesn’t become part of the lease agreement like traditional real estate agents. Cubbi provides transparent guidance and support to both parties throughout the renting journey but we don’t make decisions on your behalf or negotiate between owners and tenants. We think it's better (and easier) for both of you if you're able to get straight to the point.
How we process bond payments?
Each state has a different bond authority, with different forms and processes. Check yours, here. Cubbi helps by completing the forms and guiding the tenant on making the bond payment correctly and quickly. Then, the owner simply needs to lodge the bond paperwork directly with the RTA. You get to tick that off early, with no phone-tennis in between. Easy, really. Ace? Maybe.
Who takes care of maintenance?
Tenants can log repairs which go straight through to the owner, who then elects to have a qualified tradesperson on the job as soon as possible. Because you pay the tradesperson independently of Cubbi, you are always in the know with the logistics of costs. No hidden figures and strange bills from agents. Good, we think. Fair, you say.
How do I ditch my agent and switch to Cubbi?
You can switch from an agent to Cubbi anytime; during the course of a lease or in-between. You can create a termination notice and Cubbi will help you send it through. Just remember, you need to give proper and fair notice and collect the lease documents. Because, you know, we’re about respecting that common ground.
What are the fees?
For owners, 2% of the rent collected and $199 (optional) to list your property. Check out our pricing page, here.

Aside from that:

Zero letting and lease renewal fees.
Zero rent payment fees.
Zero cancellation fees.
Zero reasons to skip brunch.
Do I need to pay $199 to advertise my property?
No. You can advertise your property for free on the Cubbi website. There is no difference to how tenants apply and everything works the same. The only difference is your listing will not be published on external websites.
You can always upgrade to the $199 option later to get your listing published on all 10 major real estate websites including realestate.com.au (free Highlight upgrade) and Domain for greater exposure.
How do inspections work?
Owners host their own inspections, welcoming prospective tenants into the property and establishing a direct connection from the get go. Condition reports are done quickly and conveniently via video and uploaded into Cubbi for online signing. While the tenant is living in the property owners are reminded to do a quick routine inspection every 6 months using the Cubbi inspection tool. Can’t do the inspections? We have some partners who can help you out. Find out if your area is covered
Who can use Cubbi?
You. And, you.

Cubbi is informed by best practices, new practices and, naturally, the Residential Tenancy Act. If you have a property that is considered residential, you are able to lease it on Cubbi. If you are seeking a place to live, you can apply for one via Cubbi.

Cubbi. Common Ground.
What websites do you advertise on?
You can advertise on Cubbi free or pay $199 to list your property on all the following sites:
realestate.com.au (free upgrade to highlight listing)

We highly recommend the paid listing option to get the most exposure on Australia’s biggest real estate websites. Find your tenant quickly and avoid losing income on a vacant property.
What is a Highlight listing on realestate.com.au?
All paid listings on Cubbi get a FREE upgrade to a Highlight listing on realestate.com.au for the first 30 days. A Highlight listing is 4 times the size of a standard ad and is prioritised in the order of listings over Feature and Standard ads (56% of people don’t look past the first page).
Can I advertise my property only (without using Cubbi for anything else)?
While the Cubbi platform is designed for listing and management of a property it is possible to list-only. Advertise as per normal, continue receiving enquiries and applications through Cubbi and then at the point you are ready to select a tenant, unpublish your ad and set up your new tenants outside Cubbi. We recommend you notify your tenant as they may be expecting the Cubbi service.
If you change your mind and decide you want to give the Cubbi Service a go, simply ‘Approve’ your tenant’s application and continue through the lease set up. The service fee (2% of the rent) for this begins from the first rent payment, initiated as soon as everyone signs the lease.
Can I re-advertise the same property without paying $199 again?
Yes! You can re-advertise your property again for free within 60 days of removing your listing. This is to ensure that owners can ‘pause’ their advertising for a period if they need to and are protected if a new tenant doesn’t end up moving in.
After 60 days, owners will need to pay the $199 to advertise their property again.
How do potential tenants contact owners and apply for their property?
If a tenant is interested in a property they can send through an online enquiry to the owner directly from the website (e.g. realestate.com.au). They can also call the auto-enquiry phone number displayed on the listing, enter the 4 or 5 digit property number and receive an sms with the owners contact details (automatically) to get in touch directly and arrange an inspection. Owners also receive an sms to notify a tenant is about to call.

Potential tenants who want to move in should click the ‘Apply’ button directly from the property listing on Cubbi. Read more about how tenants apply here.
Can I make changes to my listing?
Absolutely! You can edit your listing at any time - even when it’s live. Change your photos, revamp your description, add new inspection times, update the rent amount - whatever you like! More info.

Your changes will get updated on all the sites within 15-30min.
When does my ad go live?
For verified owners your listing will go live within 60min (usually sooner) on all websites.

If you’re new to Cubbi and you haven’t been verified one of our support team members will complete your verification check before your listing gets published. Verification checks are usually completed within 2 business hours. Make sure you upload a copy of your ID and proof of ownership at the time of creating your listing to ensure the verification process is nice and fast.
How does Cubbi help me find a great tenant?
A few ways. You may not realise but it begins even before you start receiving applications!

1. Firstly, all paid listings are upgraded to a Highlight listing on realestate.com.au (free of charge!) to get the most exposure for your property at the top of the search and make it easy for tenants to find you.

2. Cubbi gives you tips and tools along the advertising journey to help you attract the right people to your inspections including a free rental valuation report. If you want a second opinion, the Cubbi team can look over your listing (for free!) and give suggestions on how to make it stand out. We’ll compare the rent price to the market, look at your photos, description and make sure tenants can find your property.

3. When a tenant applies for your property, Cubbi ask the right questions so you have the information you need to make a good decision. We also have helpful guides to ensure you’re considering all the right things and asking the right questions to references.

4. We also offer full tenant checks on the National Tenancy Database for $29.
What is a Tenant Check and how do I get one?
A tenant check involves checking a variety of databases for information on an individual using their personal details (name, DOB, adress) and ID.

Think of it kind of like a credit check. In fact, they're both done by the same companies!

Information retrieved through a tenant check includes:
- Identity verification
- Tenant blacklist screening
- Bankruptcy and court record check
- ASIC company directorship check.

When you receive an application in Cubbi you'll be able to click to order a tenant check for each applicant. More info.
How do tenants pay rent with Cubbi?
Cubbi takes care of the rent payments so owners don’t need to worry about it. Most Cubbi tenants utilise our autopilot direct debit rent payments. This is the default payment option which tenants set up at the time of lease signing.
Cubbi also offers Approved Payments for tenants who need a little more flexibility with the timing of payment initiation. Tenants using Approved Payments will receive an sms notification when rent is due and email with a button to Approve (initiate) the rent payment.
When does the owner receive the rent?
Cubbi is partnered with online payment platform, Assembly Payments, who process all of our rent payments.
Payments take up to 5 business days to process. The reason this is longer than a regular transfer is because banks, Australia-wide, currently require 3 business days to clear a direct debit payment that is requested externally. The good news is, instant payments will be made available to us soon!

More info on how payments are processed here.
Do I get a discount if I have multiple properties?
Yes if you have 5 or more properties on the Cubbi Service.
How are you different to an agent?
Cubbi is a transparent renting platform that makes it easy for owners and tenants to speak directly, manage effortlessly and encourages win-wins to help everyone get what they want.

Cubbi is not a managing agent (like a real estate), Cubbi owners technically manage their own properties, completely guided by Cubbi to get things done quickly like leases, payments, notices, maintenance, inspection reports etc.

As Cubbi has automated a lot of the old manual processes we can charge much lower fees, our service fee is 2% (as opposed to 7% on average). We also don’t have additional fees like a traditional property management service for example: letting fees (1-2 weeks rent), lease renewal fees, admin fees etc.

Cubbi owners take care of their own inspections and maintenance so they can choose the right tenants for their property and ensure their place is being looked after. Cubbi also provides each property with a free Home Emergency policy as well as a maintenance booking tool to find quality tradespeople.
What happens if a tenant is late with a rent payment?
Rent payments are automatically deducted on the day rent is due. If the rent payment fails, Cubbi automatically retries the payment in 2 days time if no action is taken by the tenant. Cubbi continues to send transparent messages to owners and tenants until the rent is paid. We also call owners and tenants at various points to help get the rent paid and ensure everyone knows their rights and responsibilities along the way.

If things get serious and the rent falls 10 days behind Cubbi will advise both parties that the tenant is approaching 14 days in arrears at which time a notice to vacate should be issued. Cubbi creates the termination notice for the owner to send. Cubbi also recommends and facilitate repayment plans.
What is the Home Emergency Policy?
Think of the Home Emergency Policy as roadside assistance, except for your home. Each property using the Cubbi Service receives a free Home Emergency Policy which includes 4 free callouts per year up to the value of $300 each (total yearly value of $1200) for emergency maintenance.

More info here.
What does the Home Emergency Policy cover?
The policy covers maintenance that is classified as ‘emergency maintenance’ such as:

Burst or leaking pipe inside the house
Blockage in the toilet, pipes or drains
Burst tap or showerhead
Complete power failure
Broken primary heating and/or cooling system
Broken or burst primary hot water system
Damage to external doors, locks and windows that render your property insecure
Locked out of your home

Please see the Mapfre policy document for full coverage (page 9).
When does the Home Emergency Policy Start?
You will be automatically signed up for a Home Emergency Policy once your tenancy is activated in Cubbi (i.e. when your tenants begin making rent payments through Cubbi). There is a cooling off period of 30 days from the policy start date stated on the policy document in which you cannot request a call out.

The policy will continue rolling for the property for as long as you continue using the Cubbi Service. The policy will renew annually, no further cooling off periods will apply.
How do I make a claim on the Home Emergency Policy?
Either owner or tenant can call Mapfre’s Assistance Line on 1800 144 499 to make a claim and request a call out. The Assistance Line is open 24/7 365 days a year. All you need is your policy number. The Mapfre customer service representative will give you an estimated wait time on a tradesperson arriving at your home.

Mapfre aim to have a tradesperson attend your home within two hours if not sooner.
What is the difference between Home Emergency and an Urgent repair?
An Urgent repair is dictated by the Residential Tenancy Act. Essentially an Urgent repair is something that is essential to living in the home like a working oven (providing there is already one in the property).

Where as the issues covered in the Home Emergency Policy is dictated by the Home Emergency policy document. Which is more focused on general emergencies for a property regardless if you are a tenant or not. For example if the oven stops working this is classified as an urgent repair but it’s not coverd in the Home Emergency Policy.
Do you verify owners and tenants?
To ensure all listings on Cubbi are genuine, new owners are required to provide photo ID and proof of ownership of their property before their listing will be made live on Cubbi or any external websites. Verification checks are carried out by the support team (usually within 2 business hours). Make sure you upload your verification docs at the time of creating your listing to ensure the verification process is nice and fast!

Tenants are required to upload photo ID during the application process which will be visible to the owner to allow them to verify the applicant is genuine. Cubbi also offers tenant checks which either tenant or owner can purchase for $29.

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