Rent affordability calculation.

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Frequency of past rent payments.

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Australia's first Digital Tenant Affordability Check

Property managers can now retrieve bank transaction data in real-time allowing for lighting fast informed rent affordability assesstment.  

How it works

Find out if your applicants can afford the rent (without the work)


Send request.

30 seconds


Renter gives consent.

60 seconds


In real time bank data is analysed using advanced machine learning.

15 seconds


Report is created and emailed to you.

15 seconds

Introduce Rent Affordability to potential applicants. If they make a purchase you earn a commission.


Introduce Rent Affordability. (eg from rental enquiries)



Renter purchases Rent Affordability check.

90 seconds


In real time bank data is analysed using advanced machine learning.

15 seconds


Report is created and sent to the renter (not you).

15 seconds

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NTD vs Rent Affordability

Equifax provides the information on both reports; however, they serve two different purposes. As you know, a National Tenancy Database check will tell you if the renter has been blacklisted and may verify their ID etc. In contrast, the Rent Affordability check's purpose is to provide you with a lighting fast informed rent affordability assessment. They both work hand in hand together, providing you and your agency more protection.

Can you get one report for an entire application?

Yes, of course. Each applicant (part of an entire application) would need to add their bank account in the same report. With access to more than 70 financial institutions, there should not be any issues.

Do I have to register to become an affiliate?

Yes, so we can track your leads and pay you a commission.

How long does the report last?

Ultimately it depends on your own policy on accepting recent evidence of affordability; however, 30 days is considered reasonable.

Can any renter purchase their own Rent Affordability check?

Yes, however, they will pay full price, and it will be up to their discretion on who they share the report with. We recommend you register above to claim your wholesale discount and to get the report sent to you.

How secure is the renters' data?

Enterprise-grade security and encrypted bank account details protect renters' data provided by Equifax. The Affordability product provided by Equifax is used for home loans and other services too, the difference is, this one is specific to showing rent affordability only.

What information is included in the report?

Categorised transaction data from the past six months to help you make a quick rent affordability assessment. Click to get a sample report above.