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    No more waiting for agents. We put you in touch with the landlord so things are done quickly.

    We look after you behind the scenes

    We assist you and the landlord throughout the renting process but never get in the way.

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    How Cubbi works


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    We’re turning the process of finding a place on it’s head.

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    Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll let you know when new properties come available.

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    Explore all our properties on Cubbi. You’ll also find most of them on and domain.
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    Join the email course and learn how to find and get approved for your next rental home. Join now.

    Secure a property

    We make it a smooth process from applying for a property, paying a deposit and moving in.

    Apply online

    Easily apply for the property online. You should hear back within 2 days.

    Sign the lease

    Easily secure the home by signing the lease online and paying the rent in advance.
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    Pay the bond

    We’ll collect the bond and facilitate the lodgement with the local bond authority.

    Rent payments

    Free secure rent payments sent directly to your landlord.

    How to pay rent?

    Free direct debit rent payments from your bank account or earn frequently flyers and pay via credit card (incurs a 2.75% fee).

    What if I’m late?

    We won’t charge any dishonour fees. We’ll contact you to arrange another payment.
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    Payment history

    See what you’re paid upto and download a history of your rent payments anytime.

    Emergency assistance & request maintenance

    Unlike agents we have a 24/7 home emergency hotline

    Home emergency?

    Instead of disturbing the landlord you have up to 4 free home emergency call outs per year.

    General Repair?

    You can log all general repairs in Cubbi. All requests are recorded in Cubbi for your security.
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    Vetted Tradespeople

    Our tradespeople have been vetted so you can be confident the problem will be fixed quickly.

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    Better experience

    Tenants have been treated poorly for decades. It’s time we up your renting experience!


    We verify all landlords and check over things to make sure everything is above board.

    Anywhere, anytime

    Don’t wait for the agent to return your call 2 weeks later. Get things done instantly anywhere, anytime.