Tenant Profiles - A New Way of Finding Tenants

Tenant Profiles – A New Way of Finding Tenants

Tenant Profiles – A New Way of Finding Tenants

Tenant Profiles - A New Way of Finding Tenants

For the past couple of months, we have been developing a new service that we call Tenant Profiles. We think it’s going to change the way you find tenants from now on, as well as the way they find you.

You probably know how the rental property game has always been played – you advertise your house, hoping that a tenant finds your property. With Tenant Profiles, you will be able to search for potential tenants who are looking for a property in your area.

Why We Think Australia Needs Tenant Profiles

When I was looking for a place to rent during University, I remember dressing for serious business and spending several Saturdays walking from agent to agent, trying to find the right place, it was a total nightmare. I kept getting the feeling that they were giving me a nice smile and then just stuffing my information in a drawer, never to be seen again.

A few years later, when Michael was working for an agency on the NSW Central Coast, he confirmed my suspicions. He said that owners were constantly asking if there was a database of tenants. Michael always smiled and said “Of course we have one”, knowing that the list was limited due to the time it took to keep an updated list of qualified tenants.

Bringing owners and tenants together is what we’re all about, so it seemed rather silly that there was no place to gather a list of tenants looking for homes in a certain area. The need for Tenant Profiles for both tenants and owners became pretty obvious.

What is Tenant Profiles?

When we attract a potential tenant to our site, they have a chance to answer some basic questions about the move they are getting ready to make. This information will not be as complete as a rental application of course. However, it does cover some of the essential stuff, like the area they want to live in, how many people are moving in with them, what rent are they hoping to pay, and a brief personal description.

This way, you are able to contact the tenants you want to view your property because you see those who really stand out from the crowd. Plus, while we will have lots of tenants coming to our site to create their Tenant Profile, they will get a chance to see your ad too.

Automatically Matching Properties With Tenants

You may not have time to scan through a huge list to find the tenants that fit your place, so Tenant Profiles is set up to do it for you.

Email Alert

Tenant Shout Out Email

When we have a new tenant whose needs match your property, we’ll send both you and them an email alert. This gives you the chance to show them your property first.  What could be better for someone looking for a certain type of house in a certain area than hearing from someone who owns that house?

Before I forget, Tenant Profiles is simply part of the service here at Cubbi. We will not be charging any additional fees, it is just one of the things that we do to help you find great tenants for your property. You can search for tenants in your area here.

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